Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Valve to Create Competitive DOTA2 Team for TI5

BELLEVUE, WA— Video games producer Valve Corporation has officially announced plans to create their own competitive DOTA2 lineup in hopes of winning The International 5, set to begin sometime in the summer of 2015. The team will begin bootcamping versus bots within the next month, and is among one of the first teams to receive an invitation to The International 2015.

"We were very happy with the financial success of The International 2014", Gabe Newell stated between Sand King games, "but one major issue we were still having was that a small percentage of our revenue was being paid out to players". With the new all-star lineup consisting of Gabe Newell (hard carry), Adrian Finol (space creator), Erik Johnson (motivational speaker), Abdul "Icefrog" Ismail (drafter), and Bot Guy (Furion jungle), the team hopes to use their extensive knowledge of the game (and its code) to their advantage. 

Valve assured players their 4 minute victory will at least be more entertaining than TI4's finals

The team has already begun honing their skills by practicing on a yet unreleased version of DOTA2, set to release one day before the event begins. While Icefrog has stated that although several dozen heroes may receive partial or complete remakes, the metagame will "more or less stay the same, probably". While some critics have voiced complaints about possible manipulation of the game, Valve assured players that sv_cheats will be definitely be disabled unless they accidentally forget to turn it off.


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