Friday, March 27, 2015

Valve Announces Sourcecraft III Engine

BELLEVUE, WA— Following numerous delays in the planned release of the Source 2 engine, Valve have now announced plans to make the move directly to a brand new, never before seen upgraded engine code-named "Sourcecraft III". Valve have announced that the new engine will come bundled with a brand new Source III World Editor which will be easy to use and for the first time ever allow players without a PHD in computer science to create whatever game modes they want.

A screenshot of Valve's new powerful map editor (using beta textures)

Along with the new map editor, DOTA2 and its interface will be completely revamped to allow players to browse and join lobbies of other game modes without having to painstakingly first create a website like in their free time with no support from Valve. Instead of downloading the new maps through the Steam workshop or third party sites, players can simply join the lobby of any game and the file will automatically be downloaded to their computer using state of the art, never before seen technology previously thought impossible to implement. 

But Valve's innovation hasn't stopped there: using technology that previously only NASA used to shoot rockets into space, Valve plans to implement a new feature which allows players to play DOTA2 without even being connected to the internet. This new "local area network" (placeholder name) technology will allow players to create smaller internets between two or more computers. Users can also look forward to the following new features: Higher FPS on older machines, full mechanical parity for the first time, a new hero named Arc Warden (Pitlord scheduled for 2016) and a new superior netcode.