Friday, January 22, 2016

Hearthstone Devs Realize Releasing More Cards Key to Success

IRVINE, CAAfter months of careful analysis and internal design talks, Hearthstone designer Ben "Bellowing" Brode finally released Blizzard's new road map, outlining the future of Hearthstone. "We've received a lot of feedback from players, and we've spent a long time figuring out exactly how to take that feedback and turn it into a justification for releasing a bunch of new cards", Brode said. 

"We've had a lot to think about- players were unhappy about constructed being stale, Paladins being overpowered, Shamans being underpowered, and Arena being too heavily focused on classes", Brode admitted, "and ultimately we decided that the best way to tackle these problems simultaneously was to add a whole bunch of new cards to the game". 

"It wasn't an easy choice", Eric Dodds added, saying: "reading all the feedback we got regarding changing existing cards made us realize that justifying selling more cards without otherwise changing anything else is going to be harder than ever, but we didn't give up." Dodds noted that the confusion resulting from adding so many new cards would be offset by reducing the total number of deck slots.

Blizzard has since announced that the next Hearthstone adventure, "Irate Pirates vs Ninjas with Syringes" is set to contain more new cards than the last 3 expansions combined, most of which will be completely unplayable. "One of the lessons we've learned is that every card game needs bad cards, and we're ready to take that principle to the extreme next patch", Dodds said. "We want players to get really excited about these new cards, try them out for a while and then realize they're actually complete garbage. Of course, a small handful of cards will be so good that not having the set will cripple you in constructed. I don't want to spoil anything, but we're adding like 3 Hunter legendaries and all of them have Charge."