Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DOTA2 Users Create Map Editor within Map Editor

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA— Fans of the popular online video game "DOTA2" have managed to use the new, extremely powerful map editing software that Valve has shipped in a recent update in order to create a new, even more extremely powerful map editing software. The workshop tools but also the workshop tools within the workshop tools have both been hailed as a huge success by the community.

"When we first got our hands on the new workshop tools for DOTA2 we quickly realized that Valve had exceeded our expectations", one DOTA2 modifications hobbyist stated, "but we hadn't anticipated just how advanced these tools were". The new workshop tools, created entirely within the original workshop tools released by Valve, are now being used by users to create custom maps, a copy of League of Legends, a version of DOTA2 with nearly full parity, Half Life 3, Source 3 and a cure for ebola.

Users tinkering with the new workshop tools within the new workshop tools have stated that depending on the functionality of the new workshop tools they may be able to create another, all new set of workshop tools using the workshop tools built out of the original workshop tools. "We need to go deeper", one user said, emphasizing the fact that the new tools could also be used by NASA to guide missiles into space.

"We're pleased but also somewhat alarmed at how fast users are creating content", Eric Johnson said in an interview, stating that Valve may have overstepped ethical boundaries by accidentally creating the tools needed to create artificial intelligence"I was actually just messing around with some lua scripts", one user commented, "when I think I accidentally created the singularity". While many users around the world celebrated the birth of computer based sentience, other users complained that Techies still isn't out yet.

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