Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Valve to Re-Release Storm Spirit as the First "Fully Gay" DOTA2 Hero

BELLEVUE, WA— Valve have officially announced plans to remove and then immediately re-release the Radiant hero Storm Spirit as part of an upcoming promotional event. The hero, which happens to be gay and has existed in the game for a long time, has according to Valve, "not received enough publicity" by third party gaming websites and journalists.

Meet Valve's first "fully gay" male Hero in DOTA2
"When we originally thought of Raijin Thunderkeg's personality and backstory, it never occurred to us that we could announce that he's gay and receive a lot of free attention for our game", Robin Walker said in an interview. "Although everyone who plays DOTA2 knows that the hero happens to be gay and doesn't have a problem with that, we now regret not announcing it publicly to better our corporate image".

The re-release of Storm Spirit is set to happen in the early stages of September this year, and is expected to create a large response on journalist sites such as Polygon, Kotaku, Gamespot and IGN. "No changes will be made to Storm Spirit as a hero- his model, voice lines, and everything else will stay the same", a spokesperson stated. Skeptical fans have already questioned whether or not the re-release was even necessary, however third party journalist websites such as Polygon have already hailed the announcement as "a huge step forward".

"It's important that players are immediately confronted with the sexuality of each hero directly as the game starts", a Valve writer said in an interview. "This is why from now on, the sexuality of all heroes will be a fourth attribute alongside Strength, Agility and Intelligence. Storm Spirit will be a fully gay hero, but we suspect that we may add some one fourth gay or even one eighth gay heroes somewhere down the line".

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