Monday, July 28, 2014

Valve Employees Begin Long Pilgrimage Back to Corporate Headquarters

BELLEVUE, WA— Following the conclusion of their fourth annual "International" competition in Seattle, Washington, Valve employees have begun their yearly pilgrimage back to their headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The journey, which typically takes the employees about 2-3 weeks, is expected to be longer this year due to the change of venue.

"Last year it took us a little over 2 weeks to get back to the office and get back to work", Eric Johnson noted, stating however that, "due to the change in venue it may take us around 4 weeks to get back to work this time around". Located a little over 12 miles away from Valve's headquarters on Northeast 4th Street, Key Arena is approximately a 26 minute drive away, trumping last year's choice of venue by a little over 1 mile. The arduous journey has caused Valve problems in the past, causing fans to become impatient regarding new content in their flagship game, DOTA2.

Key Arena during The International 2014
'The International' attracts gamers from around the world, none of which take longer than 3 days to get back home.

"People need to understand that after such a big event, we will need time to get back and situate ourselves back at our headquarters", a developer stated. "The venue is extremely far away from us, and it only gets further every year". A corporate spokesperson noted that the company is considering reserving a private jet for 2015, which is expected to reduce the time it takes to travel 12 miles by at least 1 week.

"To tell the truth, some developers get lost on the way back, and some never actually come back", Eric Johnson admitted. "The developer responsible for bots is actually still missing from last year". 

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